Hesse Martone Provides Employer Trustee Fiduciary Duty Training

Trustees on multi-employer benefit funds owe their Funds a fiduciary duty to act exclusively to the benefit of their Fund and its participants.  Fiduciaries who violate this duty can be liable for significant damages, and it is important that all trustees be aware of these duties.

Hesse Martone provides trustee training to the management trustees appointed contractors associations who sit on multi-employer, Taft Hartley funds.  The purpose of this training is to both provide a refresher on trustee fiduciary duties and to update employer trustees on recent developments in the law and in federal regulations. 

Andy Martone provides this crucial training for the employer trustees appointed by the Associated General Contractors of Illinois, the Associated General Contractors of Michigan, the Associated General Contractors of Missouri and the Southern Illinois Builders Association. 

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